Apps Like System app using Lucky Patcher

Sometimes in a day, your phone will not be the same one while you were purchasing that. That’s when you may need to change a little bit and make it like your own one, yes from the hardware it already is but does it from OS and App end?

You may have to depend on what to be there from the Manufacturer OS design and Updates coming in. What if you can take control of what kind of apps should be there even if you fully reset the phone? That’s what happening to System Embedded Apps which comes directly when you purchase your device and from Google’s Android OS, like your default Camera app or Phone Dialer app.

The point is, if you somehow can make your most favorite app a system app like them, it will be impossible to be removed at System Reset or OS Reset Level. That kind of power can be given to you by Lucky Patcher APK itself!

Here’s how to master that.,

  1. Install Lucky Patcher with all the required basics as mentioned.
  2. Open Lucky Patcher app from your device’s app drawer.
  3. Seek out the app you need to make a system app.
  4. Make sure the app icon indicates at least a “Green” mark and tap on it.
  5. Select “Convert to a System App” and click the opt-in message to “Yes”
  6. Now you are using your most favorite app as a System App!