Lucky Patcher Pros and Cons

We all know that Lucky Patcher is the best out there when it comes to hacking/tricking payments in-app purchase for android. It doesn’t matter whether you are number one in the business, you have some good qualities as well as some bad qualities. Same goes for the Lucky Patcher as well.

Lucky Patcher Pros

1. It’s free of charge

This is one of the most important reasons to use the app. You can download it free of charge. Also, it can be found easily without effort.

2. It has a smooth and quick run

Users need no prior knowledge to use this application. its enclosed with a quick and smooth running ability giving total control over the applications it includes.

3. Lucky Patcher includes all the details about applications it has

Most of the applications like this do not give any detail on the applications it has, like whether they are in the original version or are they modified versions. But here, you don’t need to worry about that as all most all the details about its applications are available to the users.

4. No technical skills are required

Normally when there are applications including a wide range of functions, you need a piece of technical knowledge to use them without an issue. But in order to use lucky patcher, you do not need such kind of knowledge as it is made with simple settings that can be used by even common people without basic technical knowledge.

5. Make the users aware

Lucky patcher provides in-depth details about the interested applications to the users in order to make them more aware.

6. Help the user to personalize applications

There may be thousands of users of the applications you have downloaded through lucky patcher. But all of them are not the same. You are able to personalize them as you can see all the expected features in the application downloaded.

7. It can be used on most of the devices

No matter what is your device, it can be used over a range of devices without an issue. (FYI: It works on Android P(beta) too)

8. Lucky Patcher removes advertisements

Advertisements are a big nuisance for gameplay. This application can help to get rid of those annoying applications allowing you to enjoy your play to the maximum.

Lucky Patcher Cons

1. It contains some illegal actions

The functions enclosed in the application are not legal. Therefore most of the people stay away from these kinds of applications considering that they can put the users in trouble. (but not that much trouble 😉 )

2. Lucky patcher requires a rooted device

Rooting the device is one of the main requirements of Lucky Patcher. Even though rooting is not a hard thing, most of the people do not like to root their device as it is almost similar to make their device open to all the threats outside. However, the latest versions of Lucky patcher do not need the device to be rooted, having a rooted device always adds an extra feature to the user.