Move Apps to External Storage Using Lucky Patcher

There’s a most possible case that you may own the latest phone model, yet you are the lack in some resources, just because it was only once a flagship from your manufacturer. Internal Memory becomes a big fuss when you are loading your device with a considerable amount of most favorite apps from the market. As a default feature, all the roots and installation files go to your Device’s OS Root file storage location which is the Internal Memory. Imagine you will receive several updates for a month for one of those apps and drastically the internal memory will be eaten up immediately. This will slow down your entire system and makes you wait to load some apps and giving you frustrating messages saying “Your device is on low space, please remove something from your treasure to update this app”, and it will point you out that the Music/Photo/Video storage is the target.

Hold on! No, the app is taking a huge amount of your internal storage. You now see you also have secondary storage on your device, like an SD card plugged in. Why not your Gigabyte consumers won’t stay there other than deleting your belonging? That’s not an option if you are not using Lucky Patcher.

Now, your burning issue is going to solve itself with Lucky Patcher with a wow as follow,

  1. Install Lucky Patcher with all the required basics as mentioned.
  2. Open Lucky Patcher app from your device’s app drawer.
  3. Seek out the app you need to move to the SD.
  4. Make sure the app icon indicates not a “Red” mark and tap on it.
  5. Select “Move to External Storage” and click the opt-in message to “Yes”
  6. Now you are using your most favorite app and its data stores in your SD and there’s a bunch of free space available on Internal Memory!