Legal Status of Lucky Patcher

Most of the people worldwide use lucky patcher considering it as an illegal application. Is that true? There are many answers to that question. A lucky patcher is a tool. Therefore there is no inherent illegal issue of that application. But when its features such as removal of license verification, bypassing payments in in-app purchases, modifying the play store, are considered, it becomes an essential illegal theft. In order to steal an application, it’s important to bypass the license verification process. So removing that is also similar to stealing something without paying the actual cost. The only feature which is legal in lucky patcher is the backup/restore option.

Therefore once you are using the application while breaking normal laws, it becomes an illegal work. It almost depends on the purpose you are using the application. Legal status also depends on the country you live in. For example, in the UK, most of the acts are covered by the Computer misuse act. Therefore before using applications like this, it’s very important to know about these matters. Otherwise, you will fall into trouble as there is no one to take responsibility for the matters you face in misusing these kinds of applications.