The Top 7 Lucky Patcher Alternatives

Playing Android games is one of the famous activities most people do in their free time. The reason is now, there are thousands of Android games out there and almost all of them are rich in flexibility. If you are a Game lover most of the time you may have wondered of ways to get more game lives, or to get more powers in the character you play to reach a high score. Now, there are a number of applications with the possibility to hack android games in order to change them as you desire. The easiest and most trusted way of doing that is by using “game hacker applications”. In that case, Lucky Patcher may not be a new thing for you. Applications like lucky patcher are developed just for those who need to hack games. They give you:

  • More powers in the game you play.
  • Ways to unlock new features.
  • All the gaming requirements without any charge.
  • Ability to remove the developer’s logo.
  • A trial period throughout the time you are using it.
  • Removal of annoying advertisements and so much more
    But before downloading any of these applications, it’s important to do a small change in your device settings.
  • Go to the security settings and make downloads from unknown sources “Enable”. Mentioned below are some of the most used applications like that:


This is one of the best game hacking applications for those who own a rooted android device. Supporting a number of games like Clash of Clans, Minecraft, Pokemon Go, Clash Royale etc, this acts as a user-friendly application with its simple interface. The application is composed of a wide range of compatibility to be used on almost all the rooted android devices.


Gamecih is an application cheater which require a rooted device to work on. It works very well on almost all the offline games which do not store the scores online. GameCIH has the ability to modify game scores, lives, characters while making a number of features available for the user. So first root the device and get the experience of GameCIH on all the offline games you love.

Freedom Apk

Freedom is a hacking application which you can efficiently use to cheat in both Android applications and games. This can make you eligible to get any in-app purchases free of charge no matter they are free or paid. Also, it makes all the premium features available for you. If you are someone who does not own an international credit card to create a wallet, Freedom apk is the best choice for you. It needs a rooted android device to work on. No matter how many requirements it has, its ability to do fake installments going through all the security walls is just brilliant.

Leo Playcard

Leo PlayCard is another game cheating application which let you play any android game for free. It does not need the device to be rooted and can be used over a number of android games.

SB Game Hacker

SB game hacker is a popular cheating application which can be used on both Android applications and games. It gives you easy access to increase game scores in an instant. This application also allows the user to modify the game system to get unlimited coins, money, and lives without paying even a penny. The special thing is, this application can remove all the annoying ads while bypassing license verification to give you flawless gameplay. Therefore it’s almost similar to a package of game cheating capabilities.


This is another application you can use to cheat in android games and applications. The special thing is it will allow you to hack online games, giving the chance to get unlimited game coins, lives, scores etc. This is the best application to bypass the security mechanisms in games and all applications. This open source app can be downloaded for free in no time at all. You do not need a rooted device to use this. There are no lengthy installations as you can just download it and start using. Also, it has no survey pages to worry about.


Appsara is another game cheating application without root requirement. Even though this application can be used over the limited number of games and applications, this is also considered one of the famous game cheating applications in the world. It is the latest application with the ability to unlock unlimited amounts of game stuff with no time at all. AppSara can be used over a number of devices like tablets, Android devices, and iOS.