Lucky Patcher hack (COC)

Clash of Clans can be simply called as the trend these days as most of the people around the world play this online game throughout 24 hours. In short words, this is the HIT!. So getting higher scores or getting gems & stuff is a big deal & lot of competition there. I know most of the current COC players have used Lucky patcher to see whether their dream of “Free stuff” will come true or not. But all of them have received nothing at all. Trust me, all of them. Why? Because it is a “server-side game”

What will happen if you force Lucky Patcher on COS?

When you visit the store, sometimes it shows the Price as 0$. But when you try to purchase it, the item gets grey colored and restricting purchase stuff. Some have already canceled their COC account saying goodbye to all the progress of the game.

That’s not the fault of lucky patcher as it tries to do its job. But Clash of Clans game has been designed in such a manner as it is impossible to hack it. It is not an “unhackable” thing. Thing is, COC keeps all data in the server side, not on users phone/sd card memory]. Even though you try to buy gems for free, its server first checks whether the transaction has happened or not. Then only it transfers the gems. Supercell server controls all that making impossible to hack with Lucky Patcher.