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In this 2019 and age of the internet, everything has become accessible to us. But we have become greedy and stingy. We have become entitled. We want everything handed to us on a platter, and it also should be free. When we play games, instead of sticking to the ethics of the game, we go the extra step and find hacks that would provide us with unlimited coins and gems and diamond. When a new movie comes out, instead of watching it in the movie theatre, we find cheap pirated versions of it and watch it on our computer instead. This can be seen in the many different apps and website that are available on the internet that allows you to do so. And one such app is Appvalley.

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What is the Appvalley App?

The Appvalley App, as stated by its official website, is an unofficial App store, with many different paid apps, premium apps, and third-party apps that are available for free. Also, there are modified apps available to provide various additional features for a better experience. It is available for Android (limited) and iOS (completely). For all the iPhone users, you would not need to jailbreak your phone for the installation of the Appvalley.

Is this Application safe?

With the number of users increasing day by day, it is only logical to ask, is the app safe to use? Well, according to the official website of the unofficial App, Appvalley is very much safe.

  • The developers have tested and verified the app for months before releasing it, and they keep on working on it so that you will get regular updates and smooth experience.
  • All other apps and games that you can install from the Appvalley are pre-tested by the developers to ensure excellent performance.
  • Appvalley app also does not use the root of your device, so it will not go against the security policy that Apple has. Also, no malware and virus will access your device.
  • All the apps that you will download from Appvalley also will not access your device’s root.

The features of Appvalley

  1. It offers a wide selection of apps and games that are present all for free. It also has modified and unofficial content for the iPad.
  2. It is self-stated as one safe and trusted the app to use.
  3. Modified apps are available for use. Modified apps are apps with additional features and more user-friendly experience.
  4. You can play top-ranked games and many premium games all for free.

On the surface, it may look like a comprehensive app that has all the solutions to your problems. Do you want to play games that are paid? Don’t worry, and it most probably would be available in the Appvalley store. You want to try a new exercise app, but it is only available for premium members? Don’t worry, and you will find it in the Appvalley store, and with additional features.

There are some categories that are available in Appvalley, namely- Featured, Tweaked Apps, Recommended, Jailbreak, Stream Live TV, and Movies on iOS.

  • Featured

The featured category is where all the new apps are. This is a great place to find apps that may be of interest.

  • Tweaked Apps

These are the apps that have been modified in any way to provide for a better overall experience. These may be apps that provided paid services and now are available for free. Some apps may have had a content upgrade.

  • Recommended

The provided with apps that might interest you according to your taste. This category also has apps that were the most downloaded by users.

  • Jailbreak

Just like the name suggests, this category has different jailbreak apps available for download.

  • Stream live TV

This category allows you to play with the various TV apps, and you can watch your favorite shows unlimited.

  • Movies on iOS

This category allows you access to unlimited movie screening apps for free, and you can watch your favorite movie.

Even with these features that were meant to make your Smartphone experience wholesome, there are many controversies surrounding Appvalley. There were rumors that Appvalley was using the information you feed and secretly recording your screen interference, all without your permission. It was also rumored that people could track various password and pins from the Appvalley app. These rumors have been dealt with professionally by the Administrator of Appvalley, on behalf of Appvalley and Tweakbox, debunking them completely.

If you want some entertainment for free and do not mind the rumors, then download the Appvalley app. If you are more concerned about your phone ‘security,’ then the official apps are the preferable choice for you. The Appvalley app is one app that we should try to promote as they are working on providing us with a better Smartphone experience.

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