Backup your Apps using Lucky Patcher

Suddenly you may need to move from your phone and switch to a new one. Or let it be to completely reset your device for a fresh look or you are installing a custom ROM after giving everything to the one came by default.

Thinking about configuring all the apps you are currently using and wanting them to be re-installed all over again, you think it’s better to give up rather than an upgrade now, with your packed time plan of the life.

There’s always a solution from Lucky Patcher just for you with simple clicks away, for every burning issue you may face time to time. That’s why it is recommended by a majority of Android Experts, which is making Lucky Patcher as the Swiss Army Knife every Android User must have.

Here’s how to do the magic.,

  1. Install Lucky Patcher with all the required basics as mentioned.
  2. Open Lucky Patcher app from your device’s app drawer.
  3. Seek out for any number of apps you need to back up.
  4. No need of considering an app indicator since this does the trick even for System Apps.
  5. Select “Backup Everything” and click the opt-in message to “Yes”
  6. Select the Backup Destination (recommended to an SD) and tap on OK.
  7. Now you are using your ready to go for your upgrade. Everything including account configurations backed-up captain!