Lucky Patcher APK v7.2.9 Official Download 2018

Lucky Patcher APK: Luck is basically based on your lifeline events, which cannot be predicted or predefined. But have you ever considered being the master of your luck? Yes, it is totally fine to be true. We have a world class solution for that and it’s guaranteed to give you all the fun you expect.

Lucky Patcher APK

Lucky Patcher provides you the granite virtue to run all the apps you dreamed of having on your Smartphone device, and you thought “oh it’s not my luck to have it” just because you have to pay some money to have it ethically, with full features.

“Oh wait! Is this some kind of a crime that I am committing?” That’s the first thing you are thinking now when we say this is some kind of “no need to pay” option. We would rather say this is not a crime at all but it’s in the same time not a crime too. But due to the world’s methodology of charging whatever you give and demand it is not ethical to limit the features of what you get uses of.

So, coming to the topic again Lucky Patcher APK guarantees your Android App indemnity by simply bypassing Android App Certification without harming your device at all. Let’s see what this app really does to your apps and phone.

How does Lucky Patcher App work

Lucky Patcher Original App

Well, coming to the deep Lucky Patcher APK does not do something just like other bunch of Android Freeing apps. This does do a separate job by cracking the installed Certificate on your device with respect to particular apps you got from Google’s Play Store directly or with some other third-party app suppliers.

Let’s peek in to the mechanism followed by “Lucky Patcher”.

Every Android App comes with a forced installed certificate to validate the integrity of the system they host. It doesn’t matter whether it is a freeware or a premium one, altogether the integrity validation process is done in a same manner. This is the key to validate out purchases and every sensitive information that we are dealing with that particular app in a summary.

So, the geniuses in Lucky Patcher APK development Team found a great solution to make all the premium features in your premium apps available to you for free by bypassing this integrity between your Android System and the installed (targeted) App. They actually manipulate the installed certificate with same thumbprint (the certificate validation key generated by the App Implementation Process) without harming your system or the device.

This manipulation algorithm is highly secured since it’s developed on a Linux Based Platform so, no malware or virus attacks can target your device while it is in progress of bypassing your certificates.

Woala! The dream app is ready to serve you all the feature it has and hidden before. Fly like you have just purchased the full version of the app right away.

Lucky Patcher APK Specifications

App NameLucky Patcher
Latest Version7.2.9
OS RequirementAt least Android v2.3.3
User Ratings4.8 / 5.0
Root Required?Yes

Download Lucky Patcher APK 7.2.9

Lucky Patcher v7.2.9

The Great Features of Lucky Patcher

  • No Ads anymore!

What a nuisance when you try to play your favorite and Google’s top-rated Game for free, and it gives you unlimited ads but not unlimited features? That’s not what you expected and I bet you are going to remove the app since you are fed up more than you had fun playing with it.

What if there’s a simple solution to remove all the ads for free without even worrying to link your payment credit card to some unknown app producer? Yes, that possible totally with Lucky Patcher App with simple clicks right on your device. Say bye to irritating Ads forever!

Know well before you proceed here, how to Remove Ads from your apps using Lucky Patcher.

  • No License keys? No Problem!

From a trusted Site you may have already downloaded the full version of your dream Android App. But, sadly, it is asking for a license key to be validated before playing with your so called “Full version for free” app.

Nothing to worry. You don’t have to download the full version again from another source unless it is the true one. All the license requests can be by passed by a single tap with Lucky Patcher App itself in a flick. What’s more you want to expect?

Here’s how to do that safely.

  • Treat your App as a System App

How about making your phone a Custom made one just delivered only for your desire? You can take the OS backup as a custom-made ROM for later uses even after you have done a hard reset to your phone or move to a new device.

Keeping all the loving apps as System Apps, like Google Now and Your Dialer App, it’s very convenient that you have the system that you really want and which is custom built just for you. Here, Lucky Patcher can do that too! Magically convert any app you installed and patched with Lucky Patcher to a System App and no one can ever remove that from your system unless you change your mind to.

Treat your apps alike system apps and how to do that here.

  • Move Large Apps to your SD!

Any of us don’t have a ton of Gigabytes in our Internal Memory, in our devices. Either you have to move all your data to your external storage (SD Card for an instance) or you have to delete them. It’s okay if you are only dealing with bunch of data like, Music and Photos.

But have you ever thought about moving your Gigabytes consuming App giants like High Resolution Games to somewhere other than the default installation location, which is the Internal Storage? Without losing any saved data related to that particular app, you can simple move it to your spacious External Storage with no hesitation. Again, Lucky Patcher comes to save your day with one click.

Move your app giants to your SD and here is how to..

  • Make In-app purchases for Free!

In app purchases are some hidden culprits coming in your premium app which you totally satisfied and directly downloaded from the Google Marketplace itself with no bypass or crack. But, how about having to purchase immediate Gold Mine for your battle right before the Clan War ends in Clash of Clans? But you don’t have any more gems which is required for that purchase neither real money to spend on a game.

Never ever worry! Lucky Patcher APK is so powerful that even the pre-installed and highly versatile certificate mechanisms even kneel before it and gives everything for free in a single tap. Win the war you Commander!

Here’s the easy guide how to do all of those..

  • Backup is Always Handy!

Backing up all your data is a really handsome trick not to lose your data. You ultimately have a mobile device which is not stable and can be lose any time of the day. So, what about the apps you have and data inside them? Are they being backed up when you just do a cloud sync using Google Device Backup of USB File Backup? That’s a big NO!

So, this is the ultimate scenario where the Lucky Patcher can save your life again by backing up all your Apps and related App Data with just a single tap. Isn’t it wonderful to have such a companion for your backup needs too? Yes, it is totally!

Just get to know more and how to do the backing up with Lucky Patcher APK here.

How to Install & Use Lucky Patcher App

The step procedure to Download – Install – and Use Lucky Patcher is easy as counting one to ten, thanks to the good people who made this app available for free to use worldwide. Here are the steps you have to follow.

A friendly note: Some of the sources say that there is a version of Lucky Patcher that works with Non-rooted Android Devices also. But we have tried with their suggestions and there is nothing but a hoax which will ruin your system with full of spamios things. So, be careful to follow only the trusted sources when you download Lucky Patcher APK file for free. (We assure your safety with the links provided by us since they are monitored securely 24/7)

Step 01. In order to access all the possible Linux based modules on your device in one click you have to download Busy Box app from direct play store for free as the first option once you’re rooted. (In order to see how to root your device with one click, see how that can be done with iRoot APK from here).

Step 02. Once you installed Busy Box on your rooted device, Open it from your app drawer. It will ask for root permissions, so make it allow for permanent to go away the warning all the time you want to use it.

Step 03. All set with Busy Box. Now you have to go to your Android Settings and in Security section, make sure to enable “Install apps from Unknown Sources” so you can download and install Lucky Patcher APK with no worries.

Step 04. Download the Lucky Patcher APK from our trusted and official source here.

Step 05. Once downloaded the APK file, tap to install. Make sure it’s successfully installed within seconds.

Step 06. Find Lucky Patcher app from your device’s app drawer and open it.

Step 07. Woala! All the apps which are possible enough to break their jail of boredom is located under one roof within Lucky Patcher Home screen now. (All the apps including System Apps are shown. Make sure you are not trying to patch them since you actually don’t need to 🙂

Step 08. That’s all! Try them all yourself and feel the freedom of purchase free world forever!.

Color Meanings In Lucky Patcher App View

Once you installed the Lucky Patcher app and the very first thing you may notice is there are several color indicators which is shown in All Apps screen on it. Do they really mean something or just decorations? Yes! Actually, they mean something. It’s better to know before you try to patch them. Here’s the short and sweet guide to unleash them.

  • Green – These apps can be registered or disconnected from Google easily.
  • Blue – These apps are integrated with Google Ad Platform and can be removed easily.
  • Yellow – These apps have latest patches available under Lucky Patcher.
  • Purple – All the system apps gather here. Be careful to avoid them patching from!
  • Orange – System Apps which cannot be patched are here.
  • Red – It’s not recommended or impossible to patch are here!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is it safe to use Lucky Patcher by any means?
A: Yes, it is. You are not targeted by any kind of online attackers since the app doesn’t share your personal info by any means.

Q: How about my Device Warranty? Will it be invalid with this?
A: Well, you are committing to root your device before anything happens here. It’s always reversible when you want to claim your device’s warranty somehow, someday.

Q: How about an iOS version?
A: Developers are really busy with Developing something for Apple Devices. Just hang on!

Q: What if my device is being never rooted before?
A: There’s a plenty of chances. You can just root your device in one click and use Lucky Patcher for a lifetime!